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Champion Leadership Tip #1 – Defining Leadership

Ten years ago I heard former U.S. Army General and first Gulf War Commander Norman Schwartzkopf speak at a leadership conference. He told us that day that defining leadership was similar to the Supreme Court’s definition of obscenity, “I can’t define it but I know it when I see it.” He proceeded to try to define it anyway with, “getting others to things they ordinarilly wouldn’t do because they want to do it.”

In preparing for a leadership keynote address I was asked to deliver recently at a regional martial arts school, I decided I needed a definition that rang true for me. Based on my 27 years in business and 20 years in minor league professional baseball management, and now 10 years studying business success and successful leadership in all facets of life, this is what I came up with:

“Inspiring others to do something they ordinarily would not do, and/or coaching them to perform at an even higher level than they ordinarily would perform, if left on their own.”

Think of the best leaders in your life. Why do you see them as such? It was probably because they inspired you to go for something by being a role model in how they went after the same thing. Additionally, they took responsibility for their role in inspiring you to go for it and continued to help you along the way by coaching and guiding you to perform at the level necessary to achieve success at it.

Procrastination Still A Problem for Success Small Business Owners

During the Champion Business Alliance Workshop last week I asked my favorite question, which broaches the subject of procrastination, “what are you not doing that you should be doing?

It never ceases to get even the most savvy and successful business owners or CEOs squirm in their seats. The list of items from our attendees included:

  • creating and implementing a marketing strategy
  • addressing my time management issues
  • addressing important personnel issues
  • performance reviews
  • following up on marketing calls
  • creating a partner agreement for our firm
  • collecting on past due receivables

The above issues are common and I hear them consistently whenever I bring up the issue of procrastination when speaking with a business owner or senior executive.

You will notice they fall into just a couple of categories, marketing and sales, personnel performance management issues, and dealing with financial issues. Although all three can cause significant problems for a business my biggest concern is addressing the performance issues. Failing to deal with employee performance can lead to low morale and poor attitudes in the workplace.

For those that want to stop procrastinating and become a more effective leader I have some resources. The resources on this page are all free audio recordings, one is an interview I did on an internet radio show with organizing expert Monica Ricci a couple of years ago, and the other is an End Procrastination NOW! tele-seminar I offered to my newsletter subscribers.

For those that would want full access to my complete workshop that helps people to stop procrastinating you can check out the full End Procrastination NOW! audio workshop here.

New Blog Feature – “Champion Leadership Tip of the Week”

In honor of my upcoming 50th birthday I’ve decided that for the next eight weeks leading up to it on Wednesday, December 16th I am going to post eight Champion Leadership Tips with which I hope to inspire both experienced and novice leaders.

Starting Monday, November 2nd I will be posting a “Champion Leadership Tip of the Week.”

These postings which will be offered individually at my Champion Organizations blog every Monday morning and will be hosted cumulatively at the Weekly Champion Leadership Tip of the Week webpage on this site.

This idea came to me last week when I was speaking with a client who is just a few weeks younger than I and will be turning 50 in January, 2010. He was having trouble coming to grips with the fact he was going to be turning 50 in a few short months.

After leaving our meeting I decided to take a decidedly different approach. I figured as I reach the benchmark of having been on this earth for a half-century that I have three choices, I can either;

1. Look ahead and lament the fact I’m getting older and balder,

2. Look back and regret the mistakes I’ve made that have prevented me from achieving more, and lament the things I’ve lost, never got that I wanted or wished I still had, or I can…

3. Use my past experience as an example of what is possible based on what I was able to achieve, suck the juice out of every life experience I’ve had, take the learnings from them and apply them to achieving even greater things in to the future.

I’m choosing #3.

As such, my Weekly Champion Leadership Tips series is my way of fulfilling #3. I promise eight tips through the week of December 14th leading up to my birthday and hope the inspiration continues well beyond then.

I look forward to your thoughts and comments on the blog inspiring me to look deeper into my own and building a community that lifes us all to a greater quality of life.

Here’s an advance preview – Champion Leadership Tip #1

Business Improvement Workshop Gets “Champion” Results…Again

The most recent “Champion Organizations” workshop on Thursday, October 8th took a slightly different approach from the previous two events and participants took away valuable insights to improve their business.

Instead of lecturing on the original content for the “Champion Organizations” workshop offered in previous programs, Skip Weisman highlighted key areas of the program that fit with the issues identified by program participants, such as motivating employees without financial incentives while maintaining or improving workplace morale, differentiation in a crowded marketplace, deciding where to focus attention to maximize return on investment (products, service or relationships), how to have prospects and clients shift their impression of a company from being just a vendor to becoming a “trusted advisor.”

Paul Daubman of Daubman Corporate Interiors left the workshop saying, “Skip’s presentation will have a “lasting” impact rather than just providing information that was heard and forgotten.” Daubman especially liked the Strategic Profile matrix that directed his focus on developing deeper relationships with prospects and clients.

Gary Pollard of Reliable Cleaning Services realized that some key issues on which he was procrastinating was negatively impacting his organization, although he left the program saying, “no matter what you know about business, you will learn something at this program from all those attending,” he was hoping to learn even more about how to motivate key employees without breaking the bank.

Another business owner, Keith Studt of ITC in Newburgh, NY, was pleased to be able to take some time out of a busy work schedule to invest time to “work on his business” also left the program wanting more specific motivation techniques. Studt left the program saying, “Skip is extremely knowledgeable and any business owner will leave this program with information that will help their company.”

Other participants were excited to discuss the differences between a “compliance culture” where employees are motivated solely by collecting a paycheck, getting health insurance benefits and keeping their job, and understanding how to create a “commitment culture” where employees are inspired to work hard because they are motivated to fulfill an exciting, compelling vision and strategy that connects to their need to make a difference with the work they do.

Our group will be meeting Friday morning to discuss the date for our next workshop.

After spending 2 1/2 hours in the workshop with a half-dozen other small business owners, Jennifer Schneider of the Newburgh law firm Drake, Loeb, et. al. said, “taking time out to do nothing but talk about and consider strategies that create successful organizations is invaluable to staying ahead of competitors,” and that’s what the Champion Business Alliance semi-monthly workshops do for local business owners.

For information on the next Champion Business Alliance Workshop visit:

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