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Conscious Communicator Tip #2 – You Cannot NOT Communicate (300 words or less)

When I was younger (in my late teens and twenties) I had a tendency from time to time go into a mental funk where I didn’t want to talk with anybody, including my wife or significant others.

I called this state, “general mood” or GM for short. I would stay in this funk for a couple of days. I was often silent for much of the time and spoke only when I determined it absolutely essential.

As you might imagine, this frustrated those in my life that were forced to deal with my GM.

I was my intention while in my GM that I didn’t want to communicate with anyone, yet, I was still communicating. As you know body language is a significant piece of the communication message, especially when it’s the only piece of the message, as it was when I was in my GM.

As I began to mature into my 30s, I came to realize that even though I didn’t want to communicate I was. Even though I received my Bachelors Degree in Communication, in my college studies the message never got through to me that a human being “cannot NOT communicate.”

We are always communicating. Even when we are not communicating verbally, we are sending messages. The challenge is that others are forced to guess what we are communicating and the reasons for it. Communicating this way violates communication Sin #1 of my 7 Deadliest Communication SinsA Lack of Specificity.

Conscious communicators realize that they cannot not communicate. So even when they want to be silent, they make the effort to ensure the message they are sending is specific and directed in a way to eliminate the need to “mind read” as much as possible.

Remember, you are always communicating! You cannot NOT communicate!

What do you think of this Conscious Communicator tip? Let me by leaving a comment below or e-mail me directly at!

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