Communication Is the Cause of Every Success, Failure & Frustration. Don't You Think You Should Get It Right?

Learn how the 7 most common and most damaging communication mistakes cause endless
workplace drama, toxic work environments, and expensive employee turnover, and what
A New Standard for Workplace Communication could do for your company!

Skip Weisman
The Workplace Communication Expert

Skip Weisman is a former professional baseball executive who served five baseball teams as CEO over 16 seasons. Retiring from his baseball career after the 2001 season, Skip has since worked with small businesses in every industry to improve communication that leads to more positive, more productive and even more profitable companies. He is recognized as an international expert on the topic of leadership and workplace communication and he is available for conference and organization keynote addresses and seminars on his signature topic.

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"Communication is the key to human relationships, but many of us stumble and thereby sacrifice trust, efficiency, and resources. The good news is that communication is a skill you can improve. With the guidance of Skip Weisman, you can correct the seven deadly sins of miscommunication and raise the quality of your interactions with others. You have the opportunity in every interaction to change a relationship for the better or for the worse – why not be the best communicator you can be?”

— Daniel Pink
#1 New York Times Bestselling Author of DRIVE and WHEN

Joe Beccalori-CEO Joe Beccalori-CEO, Interact Marketing-New Windsor, NY

“A real eye-opener to how the subtleties of our average communications lead to below average results, and how we can take charge to improve business and our lives with more succinct, direct, and courteous communication.”

Jim Williamson - Retired Jim Williamson - Retired, Former Non-Profit Executive

“Of all the business books I’ve read over my 40+ year career, this is the one I wish I’d had at the beginning, and had re-read each and every year. Skip’s candid – and at times, highly personal – approach is both refreshing and entertaining, keeping you engaged throughout. Overall, it would be a “sin” for a manager to not have this book among their collection.”

Dawn Kirspel - Vice President Dawn Kirspel - Vice President, The Center for Client Retention - Berkeley Heights, NJ

“Skip has written a must-read for anyone in business; no matter their level, industry, or tenure. Everyone can improve their communication skills and this book provides strategies, examples, and exercises to get you started immediately. I thoroughly enjoyed the read and will revisit the book often as a guide for improving communication.”

Michael Petrone - Sr. Project Manager Michael Petrone - Sr. Project Manager, Construction & Real Estate Industry

“I have known Skip for 10 years through communication seminars, his championship culture training program, and now as a coach and a mentor. I have always been a big fan of his work.  This book is a great tool to help improve anyone’s communication skills and knowledge regarding human interactions. ”

Why You Should Read This Book:

Communication is the "soft" skill that generates real "hard" problems in the workplace and comes with real "hard" costs to companies of all sizes and all industries. (With this book you will learn exactly what the real hard costs are, and you can even calculate them for yourself).

Unfortunately, communication is the generic rug that all workplace problems tend to get swept under hoping they will miraculously get better just by labeling them "communication problems."

Yet, organizations continue to have "ground hog day" conversations. You know, the same conversations with the same people about the same things in the same meetings and nothing seems to change.

This book will help business leaders name the communication problem and give them a framework for setting a new standard around the seven more common and most damaging communication mistakes occurring every day in today's work environments.

These communication sins are NOT generational they are personal and individual and when you set a new standard for what you expect from communication in and around your workplace and deal with it at that level you will transform the results your company can achieve from your team of employees who truly do want to go a good job. It's just that these seven deadliest of all communication mistakes are getting in their way.


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