Your Championship Remote Workforce
Thrive Package

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This package includes:

  1. Your Championship Team Agreement Process with samples
  2. Your Position Results Scorecard Development Instructions with samples and blank worksheet
  3. Your Position Results Scorecard Conversation Log Template
  4. SBAR Status Update Communication Framework with samples
  5. List of highly respected Remote Workforce cloud-based software programs
  6. CEO’s, 47 tips for working from home


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Skip Weisman

Skip is the author of Overcoming The 7 Deadliest Communication SINs: A New Standard for Workplace Communication.

Since 2002 Skip has worked with company leaders with between 10-100 employees in virtually any industry to create a workforce that thinks, acts, makes decisions like business owners to help grow their company.

Prior to 2002 Skip spent 20-years in professional baseball serving as CEO for five different teams over 16-years, including teams affiliated with the Boston Red Sox, Cincinnati Reds, New York Mets, Seattle Mariners, Tampa Bay Rays, and the Texas Rangers!

I look forward to meeting you on the web class![/text_block]

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