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"Whatever employee workplace issues you are dealing with...

I can guarantee that the cause is COMMUNICATION!"

Communication is absolutely the direct cause of every success, failure and frustration in your company today.

Learn the types of communication mistakes causing your most pressing employee and workplace culture issues that are holding your company back from fulfilling its true potential and begin.

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What If You Could...

  • Create a high-performing, engaged team of employees from your present staff with no need to FIRE anyone or HIRE anyone new?
  • Get long-term employees who have complacent, apathetic, passive-aggressive attitudes to become the team players you need them to be?
  • Transform employee conflicts into positive work relationships so you can stop playing "referee" - the role that is wasting your time and keeping you from growing your company;
  • Produce a positive, productive work environment with employee buy-in and commitment to your goals for the company that leads to more revenue and profits.
  • Learn to communicate to motivate your employees like Garry did (watch the 84 sec. video above)

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    Are You Tired of Tolerating Negative Attitudes, Poor Behavior, Underperformance & Resistance to Change at Your Company?

    If So, It's Time For You to Explore... 

     How, Specifically, Communication Is Causing Your Workplace Problems -
    Watch This Short Video to Learn How Garry Transformed His Work Environment

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    A Small Business Transformation Success

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    Hey There,
    Skip Weisman here.

    In 2002 I left the career of my childhood dreams, professional baseball, after 20-years in the game I love. Sixteen of those years were in a similar position to yours' today. I was CEO of a small business.

    When people hear I was in professional baseball they want to know what teams I played for or which teams I coached. Most are disappointed to hear I wasn't a ballplayer, I was in management.

    My job was to put butts in seats, keep the beer cold, and keep the bathrooms clean. Not quite as glamorous, is it?

    Maybe not, but it was tremendously rewarding to earn a living going to a ballpark everyday.

    Until it wasn't!

    The last years of my baseball career I suffered through burnout due to the lifestyle of 12-14 hour days at the ballpark for six months each year.

    That's probably similar to how much time you're putting in to your business each day, year 'round. Or you may be putting even more time than that.

    Early in my baseball management leadership career I struggled with my communication. Seriously!

    I made three egregious, painful, and costly mistakes communicating as a young leader leading my administrative staff.

    • One cost me financially as it caused our team to miss a road game, which cost the host team a home revenue date. I could have and probably should have been fired for that mistake in just the second year in my CEO position at the age of 27.
    • The second one, the very next year, caused a mutiny among my staff as my second in command went over my head in an attempt to have my boss overturn a decision I made without consulting my staff. Fortunately my boss backed me, teaching me a valuable leadership communication lesson on at least two fronts.
    • The third cost me my first marriage. Not only was communication an issue in my business life leading my teams, I struggled at home with my spouse. That was exacerbated by the fact we worked together at the baseball team, and it led to our divorce.

    You may be asking, "So, Skip what do your leadership communication mistakes have to do with me?"

    Well, after leaving baseball in October, 2001 to become a small business coach, consultant and professional speaker, I quickly learned that all the communication mistakes I made early in my young small business leadership career, I was seeing in all my clients.

    My clients, some much older than me, were making the same mistakes I had made, which had cost me dearly. I could see it was costing my clients in similar ways, too.

    I became committed to developing solutions for them, and for you.

    That solution is...

    The Game Plan includes five (5) playbooks that provide the strategy and tactics you need to create Your Championship Company.

    It also comes with mentorship and accountability for execution and implementation to ensure you get the results you want for your company.

    Here's the thing, if your company has a minimum of six people in it (at least five payroll employees and the business owner) and as many as 60, Your Championship Company Game Plan may be for you. (This is for companies in any industry and have between six to 60 people).

     If you're tired of tolerating poor attitudes and poor performance, and tired of having "Ground Hog Day" type conversations with your employees, we should talk to explore the possibilities.

    Because Your Championship Company Game Plan is not for just any business with six-60 employees, and I don't want to waste your time or mine, I do require you to complete an application for consideration.


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    RESULTS From Business Owners Just Like You & From Employees Just Like Yours!

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    Justin Lukach, President/CEO - Micromold Products
    Manufacturing Company Culture Transformation Project

    This 25-employee manufacturer of corrosion resistant plastic products was looking to grow but had a large number of key employees struggling with complacency and long-held beliefs that were getting in the way. Over the course of a year Skip was able to facilitate conversations with all employees to glean the best of the company to carry it forward, while discussing and designing new communication patterns that provided the right environment for growth. Along the way Skip created a leadership team from among key company individuals who previously had seen themselves as individual cogs in the operation, often times pulling against each other instead of working together for the common good of the company's future and themselves.


    Shawn Doig, Senior Technician - Utility Survey Corporation
    Construction Site Underground Radar Company

    You heard from Garry, the company owner in the video at the top of this page. This is the company's senior technician. The seven-person company faced personnel issues, personality differences, and financial challenges that caused significant conflict between the company owner and key members of its team of technicians. The foundational problem was communication that led to unmet expectations on both sides, and individual team members' intentions and motivations being questioned. By listening to both sides and finding common ground, we created a focus on an inspiring, compelling future for all in the company. Everyone was able to come together and begin enjoying their jobs, their company, and each other better than ever. Company revenue increased 33% after 18 months.


     Dawn Kirspel, Vice President - The Center for Client Retention
    Internationally Recognized Customer Research & Customer Service Consulting Firm

    This small firm with some very large clients in the Fortune 500 world was struggling with a team of complacent, uninspired employees in need of a greater sense of purpose, heightened job performance expectations and accountability to higher behavior and performance standards. This 90-day program engaged the entire staff to help define the company's future, which re-energized the team on a new compelling future providing the sense of purpose everyone was looking for, and refocused the team on moving towards a new Championship Game Vision.

    What Is...

    It is a systematic, yet flexible system that can take your company's work environment and its culture from where it is to where you need it to be.

    There are 5 Playbooks in The Game Plan. The flexibility you will hear about when you watch and listen to the testimonial videos above comes in after implementing Playbook #1 in The Game Plan system going through a Workplace Communication & Culture Assessment.

    • The 5 Playbooks include:
      • Workplace Communication & Culture Assessment
      • Championship Strategy
      • Championship Personnel
      • Championship Leadership & Teamwork
      • Championship Execution

    The first four Playbooks are delivered over a 6-month period starting with Playbook #1. Based on the results of Playbook #1's Workplace Communication & Culture Assessment we will make specific recommendations as to which of Playbooks 2, 3 or 4, are best for your company to start with.

    Over the 6-months you will implement and integrate all three of the content playbooks that include with specific content, one-on-one coaching and opportunities for team meeting facilitation to introduce and implement the strategies that will cascade down through the company.

    The fifth playbook, Championship Execution, is part of each of the Playbooks as accountability to implementation and will be the most important part of creating Your Championship Company.

    While working through Your Championship Game Plan you will have two, monthly one-on-one coaching calls with Skip, the opportunity for one 2-hour team facilitated session, and virtually unlimited access to Skip via email, text and a private Facebook Group to address Playbook execution issues and other "real-time" workplace challenges that crop up during your time in the program.

    Who Is This For?

    There is only one key criteria for a business to be a fit. All you need is to have between five (5) to 50 employees.

    Now, there are two types of small business owners with between five to 50 employees that are the perfect for Your Championship Company Game Plan.

    1) One is at their wit's end. Thinking they have tried "everything" to get his or her company's employees to do their jobs for which they were hired and for which they are receiving a steady paycheck.  They may have fired someone recently and are on the verge of firing someone, or others soon. They believe the problem is they have the wrong people in the company and need to make changes in personnel.

    2) The other is the business owner struggling with the same issues, challenges, and frustrations but believes that they themselves are the problem, and they want help in learning to communicate to motivate them to higher performance. They know they have good people, who want to do a job, but they continue to be frustrated with how their people respond, and are looking to improve as a leader.

    And, if you're like most of my clients, you probably have a little of both, don't you?

    Each kind of business owner above typically follows the pattern in the diagram below. They come into their business, either starting it from scratch or buying it. They have little experience or knowledge of how to communicate to motivate and they improvise a performance management system. Creating a GAP that must be crossed to achieve Sustainable High-Performance Championship Results! 

    That is where Your Championship Company Game Plan comes in, and can make a difference for you and your employees!

    Your first step to a championship company culture is to assess communication in your workplace. Click the button below for the FREE, Workplace Communication & Culture Assessment that Skip explained in the training video above.

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    How Does It Work?

    This program and its content is based directly on the strategies applied by professional sports teams to create championship performance on the athletic field. The same strategies that create championship performance in athletics are ABSOLUTELY applicable in the small business workplace.

    The key is execution and implementation. Your level of execution and implementation will determine your level of success, just as it does in athletics. All sports teams apply the same strategies, and it's the level and quality of execution and implementation that separates losers from winners, winners from playoff teams, and playoff teams from Champions!

    It will be the same for you and is why Skip will be with you every step of the way while you are in Your Championship Company Game Plan to ensure your execution is consistent and effective.

    Here's What You Get & What You Can Expect

     STEP 1:

    Playbook 1 =
    Workplace Culture Assessment

     STEP 2:

    Playbooks 2, 3, & 4 =
    Debrief, Discuss, & Decide

     STEP 3:

    Playbook #5 =
    Your Six-Month "Season"
    Implementing & Integrating
    Your Playbook Execution

     STEP 4:

    Rinse & Repeat

     Frequently Asked Question:

    All YCCGP Members start with an in-depth culture assessment so that you (and I) can get the straight scoop on what's going on in the minds of your workforce. You have two different options from which you can choose depending on the level of depth, substance, and understanding you want from the assessment.

    We start by your entire staff completing the online comprehensive Workplace Communication & Culture Assessment.

    Once we get the results back from the Workplace Communication & Culture Assessment we will schedule a 60-minute Strategy Session to debrief and discuss recommendations for which of the three Playbooks makes the most sense to start with to get the best results over the first six months you are in the YCCGP.

    Your 3 Playbook OPTIONS include:

    • Championship Strategy
    • Championship Personnel
    • Championship Leadership & Teamwork

    Your Championship Company Game Plan - Here's what it looks like:

    For each month of your program you receive:

    • 24/7 access to all YCCGP content, including articles, worksheets, guides, video trainings, etc. for whatever playbooks you need access to.
    • Two scheduled, private, 1:1 coaching sessions per month.
    • One facilitated team session with up to 10 team members for up to 2 hours
    • Unlimited email correspondence with guaranteed 24-hour reply.
    • Unlimited document review with guaranteed 72-hour response and comments.
    • Text access for unlimited "real-time" laser coaching as needed (as issues arise if you feel the need to reach out, ask a question, etc. we'll deal with it immediately either via text, or will jump on the phone or Zoom Room video conference to address it at the first most appropriate mutually amenable time).

    In sports, momentum is vital, as it is in business. The goal of Your Championship Company Game Plan is to create massive momentum to put the pieces in place to get your company on the championship path as quickly as possible.

    We will decide on a monthly basis which playbooks are most important to work towards with the intention of moving one area of your business ahead by a mile instead of four areas by a few feet.

    The ideal plan is to implement one playbook over two months and begin work on the next playbook so that you have all playbooks in play at some levlel at the end of your initial six months. This will allow us to consistently monitor and refine each of the playbooks over the second six months of your work in Your Championship Company Game Plan.

    Depending on the state of your company work environment we may have to stay in one playbook beyond two months and implement additional playbooks when they can be effective.

    Your ability, and your team's ability to focus and implement, execute, and integrate the playbooks with my external guidance described above will determine how quickly and effectively your company is able to move through the playbooks to create Your Championship Company.

    Why 90-Day Playbook Sprint?

    As I wrote in Step 4 above, it's about creating momentum, and laser-like focus. We want to have a long-term view (Championship Game Vision), with short-term focus.

    AND, in working with small business owners like yourself since 2002, I've learned that the issues you are facing are not new. Most likely they've been lingering, festering, and brewing for a long time.

    As such, you've been pondering, contemplating, and stressing over doing something, and you either have tried something and it didn't work (or you wouldn't be reading this), or you have just been procrastinating.

    As you read above, or in my other content somewhere, in athletics the difference between losing teams and winning teams, winning teams and playoff teams, and playoff teams and championship teams, is rarely strategy.

    Every team has a strategy that CAN win.

    The difference comes down to two things, talent and execution.

    In small businesses, the talent isn't the differentiating factor it is in sports.

    In small businesses like yours it is always the execution.

    • It's time to STOP TOLERATING.
    • It's time to STOP PROCRASTINATING.
    • It's time to START EXECUTING and Creating MOMENTUM!

    So, the 90-day Sprint is about implementing Playbooks 1 & 2 within the first 90-days. Then, the second 90-day Sprint we'll implement Playbooks 3 & 4, setting the stage for six-months of consistent execution on refining the application and implementation of the most important Playbooks to create Your Championship Company.


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    “Skip, first quarter is traditionally slow, but we kicked off this new year with a bang! The energy we gained from our team working with you has propelled us to new levels of productivity. Our team was energized by your work."

    Kathleen Packard - Owner
    KathodeRay Media - Greenville, NY

    joebeccalori"Skip helped me transform how I communicate with my staff. Within six months we achieved significant ROI. After two years by maintaining the communication principles and processes he helped implement, our return has been 8-10 times our investment!"

    Joe Beccalori, CEO
    Interact Marketing - New Windsor, NY

    PatMoore“In just 90-days Skip helped us create a new internal culture for our company that will springboard us into the next generation of leadership. Skip’s facilitated process led us to a new cohesive, “can-do” team atmosphere!"

    Pat Moore - Owner
    Antalek & Moore Insurance - Beacon, NY

    LindaMacFarlane"Skip’s work allowed our senior leadership team to understand the expertise each person brings to leading our credit union and we are communicating and working much better together now!"

    Linda MacFarlane, CEO
    Hudson-Greene Federal Credit Union

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