ATTENTION: Business Owners/CEOs Who Are Babysitting Key Employees and Stuck in the Business Owner's Isolation Chamber!


And, Learn How to Transform Your Best Employees (and even some of your worst) Into a Championship Leadership Team in 90-Days or Less, to Help You Lead Your Company to Higher Productivity & Profits!

WHAT'S INSIDE: Learn What's Preventing Key Employees From Stepping Up and the 4-Step Playbook that Will Lead Them To Become the Leaders You Need to Grow Your Business!

Your Guide to Creating Your Championship Leadership Team

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Hi, I'm Skip Weisman.

After 16-years leading five different professional baseball teams as CEO I've spent the last 10 years working with business owners and CEOs to create their own high-performing leadership teams that cooperate, collaborate to elevate company performance.

  • The 3 possible reasons your key employees are stuck, working in silos, have blinders on and are waiting to be led.
  • The 3 reasons you've struggled getting a functional leadership team to help you lead and strategies to breakthrough each.
  • The 4 stages of team development guaranteed to create your champion leadership team that will help you make decisions, solve problems, and grow your company.
  • A 4-step process you can implement to get the right employees to step up to help you lead so you can spend less time on minutiae and more time growing your company.

Here's What Your Peers Had to Say After Working With Skip

90-Day Workplace Transformation to New Leadership!

Pat Moore, President
Antalek & Moore Insurance Agency

“In just 90-days Skip helped us create a new internal culture for our company that will springboard us into the next generation of leadership. Skip’s facilitated process led us to a new cohesive, “can-do” team atmosphere!"

90-Day Leadership Team Transformation - Develops New Level of Mutual Respect!

Linda MacFarlane, CEO
Hudson-Greene Federal Credit Union

"Skip’s work allowed our senior leadership team to better understand & respect the expertise each person brings to leading our credit union. We are communicating and working together much better now!"

NEW Highly Functional Leadership Team With the Same "OLD" Leaders!"

Justin Lukach, CEO
Micromold Products, Inc.

"For years I felt like I only had a group of "seniors," long-term employees who were senior in their positions heading up silo'd departments who couldn't get along. Now I have a real leadership team I can rely on to help me make decisions and grow the company. And, it's the same people!"

New Energy Infused Into Existing Leadership Team!

Kathleen Packard, Owner
KathodeRay Media, Inc.

“Skip, the energy and focus our team we gained from working with you has propelled us to new levels of productivity. Our team was energized by your work."

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