Looks Like You're Ready to Get Communication Right at Your Company. Here's a Short  Message from Skip

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GarryWilliams“When I first told you what problems our company was facing, you said, 'Garry, that's a communication problem.' I didn't believe you at the time but you were absolutely right. You certainly know you're stuff, your work paid for itself 10x my investment!"

Garry Williams, Owner
Utility Survey Corp. - Washingtonville, NY

joebeccalori"Skip helped me transform how I communicate with my staff. Within six months we achieved significant ROI. After two years by maintaining the communication principles and processes he helped implement, our return has been 8-10 times our investment!"

Joe Beccalori, CEO
Interact Marketing - New Windsor, NY


Complete the application below, answering all the questions as thoroughly as possible, so that Skip has as much information about your company as possible to make the most and best use of the time you have.

PatMoore“In just 90-days Skip helped us create a new internal culture for our company that will springboard us into the next generation of leadership. Skip’s facilitated process led us to a new cohesive, “can-do” team atmosphere!"

Pat Moore - Owner
Antalek & Moore Insurance - Beacon, NY

LindaMacFarlane"Skip’s work allowed our senior leadership team to understand the expertise each person brings to leading our credit union and we are communicating and working much better together now!"

Linda MacFarlane, CEO
Hudson-Greene Federal Credit Union


“Skip, the energy we gained from the team development session you facilitated has propelled us to new levels of productivity. First quarter is traditionally slow, but we kicked off this new year with a bang! Our team was energized by your work session."

Kathleen Packard - Owner
KathodeRay Media - Greenville, NY

dwightcoombe“Before working with Skip our team was stuck in one negative mindset. There was a culture of complacency and disrespect. Now, everyone expects more from themselves and each other, they definitely communicate better and are moving forward.”

Dwight Coombe, President/Owner
Sprague & Killeen Insurance - Ellenville, NY

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