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Self-Study Products

  • Communication Power for Leaders: The Master Class

    Discover The Top-Secrets Of Highly Effective Project Managers And Workplace Leaders Who Influence Without Authority And ‘Manage Up’ To Get The Job Done!

    The ability to communicate to influence directly impacts your capability to achieve levels of success in your career.

    Yet, no one teaches us how to communicate to influence – which some say is the most important skill you need to experience and enjoy the satisfaction of achievement.

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  • The Leadership Series

    Accelerate The Results You Achieve As A Veteran Organizational Leader, A New Manager, Or A Project Manager!

    The Leadership Series are “insider” recordings of 7 dynamic discussions with strategies and skills to get the needed response and results from your team.

    Champion Communication Expert Skip Weisman joins The Executive Happiness Coach®, Jim Smith, to reveal what others have not told you about leadership, communication, and project management success.

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  • End Procrastination NOW

    For 8 Years, This Secret Formula Has Helped Hundreds Overcome Procrastination – And It Can Help You Too!

    What has your habit of procrastination cost you in your lifetime? How much revenue and business has your business lost because of the cumulative procrastination of you and your staff?

    Whether you’re trying to end procrastination that is just a distraction (such as mine around the issue of housework), is debilitiating (where you get demotivated to even work), or has reached a destructive level, this system ends procrastination.

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