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Communication Power for Leaders: The Master Class

Discover The Top-Secrets Of Highly Effective Project Managers And Workplace Leaders Who Influence Without Authority And ‘Manage Up’ To Get The Job Done… Holding The Trust, Respect, And Support Of Management, Employees, And Stakeholders

CommunicationPower-portfolioimgThe ability to communicate to influence directly impacts your capability to achieve levels of success in your career.

Yet, no one teaches us how to communicate to influence – which some say is the most important skill you need to experience and enjoy the satisfaction of achievement, knowing you are recognized as the consummate professional you truly are.

Like I was, you’re probably now looking for answers about how you can communicate professionally so that you can get people to…

  • Respect you when you speak
  • Respond to you when you make a request
  • Provide what you request of them
  • Deliver those things in the timeframe you desire and/or require
  • Take you seriously when you make suggestions
  • See you as their trusted peer, regardless of the position you (or they) hold in your organization

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