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The Leadership Series

Accelerate The Results You Achieve As A Veteran Organizational Leader, A New Manager, Or A Project Manager!

LeadershipSeries-portfolioimgThe Leadership Series are “insider” recordings of 7 dynamic discussions with strategies and skills to get the needed response and results from your team.

Champion Communication Expert Skip Weisman joins The Executive Happiness Coach®, Jim Smith, to reveal:

  • How to define “leadership” so it makes sense, makes you comfortable and connects with those you lead
  • To master Emotional Intelligence
  • To show up more powerfully in the workplace
  • How to communicate like the effective leader you are and command respect from all levels
  • How to create a positive work environment by showing up as a happy leader
  • How to coach team members so they want your input to get maximum response and results
  • A simple 5-step process to resolve conflict in a positive way
  • Create a motivating environment that lasts and retains your best employees
  • How to Manage the Millenials, the Youngest Generation in the 21st Century Workforce

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