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The Workplace Communication Audit Pilot

Ineffective Communication May be Costing Your Company at Least $5,200 Per Employee Per Year

How Many Employees Do You Have?

Communication is known as a “soft skill” in the business training world, but in every business it has a hard impact on the bottom line.

Effective communication can help businesses maximize revenues and minimize expenses. Ineffective communication can undermine sales, customer service, customer retention, employee retention, and create a host of issues in the workplace that increase the cost of doing business through inefficient operations, malicious passive-aggressive behavior brought on by a low-trust work environment and employee turnover.

In my workplace communication keynotes and seminars I ask the audience members to try to quantify the cost of poor and ineffective communication to their company and the most frequent answer I get is, “alot!”

Of course that answer commits one of my 7 Deadliest Communication Sins, “a lack of specificity,” but until recently I agreed it was hard to quantify.

Until two independently published research projects were presented to me that was able to quantify the cost.

Both studies reinforced the other and showed that ineffective communication costs a business an average of 40-minutes of productivity per day per employee or about $5,200 per year per employee.

By taking The Workplace Communication Audit you will be able to see what your personnel experience with regard to the severity of seven biggest communication mistakes occurring every day in your work environment and their impact.

It is a guarantee that these 7 communication mistakes are taking place, it’s just a matter of the frequency and impact they are having.

FEES: The Workplace Communication Audit will eventually have a fee of $2,500-$10,000 associated with it, depending on the size of the organization. For a limited time, while our workplace communication research is taking place, this pilot program will be free for participants deemed to be a fit.

Companies that agree to participate may, if appropriate, also be requested to participate in further research to dive deeper into identified issues, and will also have the opportunity to be quoted in any books, articles, or other publications created from this research.

The four parts of Workplace Communication Audit include:

  1. Initial interview with the owner or senior executives of the company, or the managing partner of a professional services firm to determine if the full Workplace Communication Audit is a fit for the company and to explain the steps in the process, including determining the number of employees and the levels of personnel who should participate in the survey.
  2. Company participants participate in the survey that will include approximately 20 questions, 14 of which are multiple choice answers, 4 are short answers and two will garner non-identifiable demographic information. All identified participants will be sent a link to a 20-question online survey via Google Forms. Participant companies also will have an opportunity to refine demographic questions to fit their company framework and language, as well as add 1-3 custom questions.
  3. Survey results are tabulated and evaluated and will include a report  reviewing the results and offering recommendations.
  4. A conference call or in-person meeting with company principals is scheduled to review your company’s customized report and recommendations.

The power of the Workplace Communication Audit is that it will show you where and how your company is losing profits due to poor and ineffective interpersonal communication and leadership communication across all levels of your work environment.

Although originally created for small businesses this process also works well for the divisions or departments are larger companies and allows for the company to sample the possible results from bringing awareness to these interpersonal communication issues on a smaller scale before unveiling it company wide.

When your Workplace Communication Audit is complete you will have a specific game plan of where to focus to close the gap.

Not only can the Workplace Communication Audit improve your bottom line, it will also create a more positive and productive work environment build on higher levels of trust as employees and company leaders will be working together to reduce the frequency and impact and begin building new habits of communicating.

To get started, CLICK HERE to schedule your initial Workplace Communication Audit interview.  (when completing the appointment scheduling form, in the Subject area please put Workplace Communication Audit so I can prepare properly for our time together).

NOTE: The Workplace Communication Audit requires the execution of approval of a senior company executive authorized to contract on behalf of the company for professional services.

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