3 Keys for Correctly Communicating “Change”By Guest Blogger, Barbara Trautlein, Ph.D.

Head, Heart, or Hands—which do you tend to lead with?

Each change leader has a basic tendency to lead with one of these, or some combination of the three. You probably have some sense of which is dominant in you. Is it:

  • the Head—focusing on the big picture goal, the business objectives;
  • the Heart—personally connecting with your people at an emotional level; or
  • the Hands—providing teams tactical tools and skills like a savvy project manager.

And you’ve probably thought about what’s missing from your change leadership style, too. One way to find out is to observe your people.

  • Are they working really hard but misplacing their efforts? You may need to be more Head-oriented and paint a picture of the target and explain the what andwhy of the change.
  • Are they unmotivated, indifferent, or even afraid? You may need to add more Heart and share your own story, build trust, and show them that working together as a team benefits them and the rest of their peers.
  • Or are your people paralyzed, like deer in the headlights, and can’t seem to get unstuck and into effective action? If so, they may need a heavy dose of Hands, and you may need to set a plan, process, and skill-build to guide their efforts through the change.

Of course, none of us leads only, all the time, in every instance with the Head or Heart or Hands. We are each a blend of all three. It is this unique combination that represents our change leader style.

In fact, there are 7 different change leadership styles:

  • The Coach
  • The Visionary
  • The Executor
  • The Champion
  • The Driver
  • The Facilitator
  • The Adaptor

In the next guest blog article on Friday, July 26th, I’ll be providing a little more detail and insights into each of these 7 change leadership styles.

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