3 Options to Change Your Complacent & Entitlement Mentality Small Business Culture

Basketball fans last week witnessed an amazing accomplishment that has important lessons for small businesses worldwide.

The National Basketball Association’s Golden State Warriors finished the 82-game regular season winning 89% (or 73) of their games, losing only 9.

It was the greatest season in the history of the NBA.

They edged out the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls who won 72 of 82 games.

But, that’s not what’s most impressive.Skip Weisman's team wins the 1999 New York-Penn League Championship

What’s most impressive accomplishment is they did this the season after they won the NBA Championship in 2014-15.

After a championship season three things typically happen:

  1. Teams that win championships have a “hangover” the next season and fall short of expectations for repeating.
  2. They self-destruct as they newly crowned “champion” athletes leave for larger contracts, or ownership consciously dismantles the team due to the financial commitment required to keep a championship team together, or
  3. They recommit to their teammates and look to repeat as a way to solidify their championship identity.

The Warriors chose Option 3.

I believe it makes their accomplishment even more amazing in relation to the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls’ record they broke.

The Bulls did not win the championship the year before.

They finished the season with a respectable 47-35 won/loss record and lost in the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals.

The 1994-95 Chicago Bulls had an incentive to get better.

The 2015-16 Golden State Warriors already proved themselves worthy of the label “Champion.”

But, the Warriors chose Option 3.

They chose not to rest on their laurels.

They chose to recommit to excellence and exceeding expectations.

Many of my small business owners and project management office leaders come to me because an entitlement mentality and complacency has set in, in their organization.

After a while they discover they don’t know how to change it.

If you’re noticing similar situations in your organization and are concerned enough to do something about it, you also have three options:

  1. Accept and tolerate the attitudes and the under-performing results that come from it.
  2. Replace everyone and start over.
  3. Create an initiative to refocus, reenergize and recommit to creating a “championship caliber culture.”

The 2015-16 Golden State Warriors chose Option 3.

What are you going to choose?

What do you think about these three options? Leave a comment below to continue the conversation.

’til next time, Communicate with Power,

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One thought on “3 Options to Change Your Complacent & Entitlement Mentality Small Business Culture

  1. A. K. M. Suzaur Rahman says:

    Well, we need to concentrate on performance, development of performance, enhance efficiency of performing, bringing innovation for more energy & devotion for performing. The mistake we do, we work hard for a while, if result is not good we loose momentum and performance. We need to show same level of consistency in the entire course.

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