38% Growth in 1-Year for this Small Business & What Did It

Last week I facilitated a final 2016 review and a 2017 goal setting session.

It was a small business, 7 total employees, including the two partners.

With our work together they increased their revenue 38% over 2015. That’s phenomenal growth for just one year.

They achieved their goal of becoming a “million dollar company” in 2016.

Clients’ goal wall, where all employees 2016 goals were posted since January, 2016 and were reviewed, discussed and tracked all year, leading to 38% growth in topline revenue over 2015.

After my day with them I assessed what made them most successful.

There were three components.

It’s the same three components that sports teams use to be successful and it’s the same three components you need to use to succeed in any endeavor.

Three things:

  • Strategystrategytacticsexecution
  • Tactics
  • Execution

Which of the three are you best at?

In sports, all teams have basically the same over-arching strategy, which is to win the championship.

Teams have similar but different tactics for getting there based on their team makeup and talent.

At the major league level of sports a lot of the talent is very close. The difference that makes the difference in winning the championship always comes down to execution.

It’s not rocket science, as they say.

And, most small businesses are tactics driven.

This is just getting things done.

Without a strategy, those tactics really have no meaning, no direction and no substance.

This is just “going through the motions.” Keeping the business afloat.

It’s the “strategy” that gives the company meaning.

The “where are we going and why” component.

Some small businesses invest time in that component, most don’t.

And, that makes the tactics much less relevant.

In assessing what made my client so successful in 2016, it was the third component.

They had the strategy and the tactics in place in previous years but they did not execute.

It’s the consistent execution of the strategy and tactics that makes the difference.

In sports and in small business success the different that makes the difference is the “execution.”

How was your execution in 2016 and how can you commit to making it even better in 2017?

It could lead to 38% growth?

‘til next time, remember, Communicate With Power!

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