5 Simple Strategies to Maintain Motivation in the Workplace

Today’s blog article comes in the form of a guest post by Jessica Francisco:


Customers are the driving factors behind a successful business. There are two types of customers: the external and the internal.

External customers are those who purchase goods and services for a fee while internal customers are employees; yes, employees who are often considered as the business’ greatest assets.

There have been varying programs and incentives set out that have proven to be successful over time to entice external customers to visit places of business, but what often has been the dilemma of owners and managers alike are the type of programs to install to motivate internal customers or employees to perform their best; to exert their God-given ability to bring out the most of themselves and treat the Company as their own.

Time and again, a cost-benefit analysis has often been the weighing factor. How can a business leader ensure that the additional cost invested would be successfully reciprocated back to the Company? The answer: no one could! However, what this article could provides are ways on how to motivate employees without incurring any additional cost. In other words, for free!

The five ways are as follow:

  1. Establish a Clear Career Path
    Every employee has a dream. That may include a beautiful house, a nice car and a great career. For an employee to stay motivated, he has to be educated on the potential for their career path, of the steps that must be taken to achieve it, of the responsibilities that must be shouldered to go up the career ladder and put get into a better compensation package. With this thought, an employee will be better motivated throughout his stay with the Company.
  1. Mentoring
    Mentoring is both a direct and indirect process. A direct process would be to explain the task, of the functions and ways  to go about performing his work smoothly. An indirect approach would be about setting a good example, of being a role model that everyone can look up to. In other words, to perform functions necessary in establishing oneself as a true leader of the company. This way, employees could be motivated to follow in the leader’s footsteps.
  1. Feedback
    Every employee wants to feel that their boss is accessible for them. They want their leader to be around to help them with their problems. For practical reasons, it’s quite hard for any executive to be around all the time. The next best solution is to have a feedback system. This feedback system could be in the form of suggestion boxes or electronic mailbox; it could also take the form of open-door management or simply management by walking-around, and asking “how can I help you do for job better.”
  1. RecognitionHooray
    Recognition can go a long way. Every individual wants to be recognized for their efforts and this will help them in staying motivated. This recognition may come in the form of a pat in the back, a note or simply an e-mail. If the achievement is simply too big for just a token, a simple rite or award may also be considered.
  1. Fun Environment
    Everyone wants to work in a fun environment. But what does “fun environment” entail? It covers two things: the essentials and the excess. The essentials basically cover comfortable desks and chairs, appropriate size of the work areas and availability of supplies and storage cabinets. The excess on the other hand, covers gimmicks like wearing of jeans or casuals on Fridays, pizza lunches or simply just a token like a special parking space for one who drives the hardest.

So there you have it, the five ways on how to motivate your employees without spending an additional cent. Remember, rewards need not always be financial in nature. It can simply cover listening to your employees’ needs, recognizing them for their effort and showing them what’s right up ahead on their path.

Author bio:

Jessica Francisco is a cheerful 25-year-old with an odd sense of fun. The least of her broad range of hobbies include swimming, hiking and listening to the music of Michael Jackson. Jessica is also one of the editors of Luke Roxas a renowned Real-Estate Business Tycoon in the Philippines.