A Simple Strategy for Strategic Planning & Goal Setting

As we move deeper into the 4th quarter and the holidays around the corner, many clients are beginning to plan for 2013.

As I’m always looking to make things better and easier for my clients, I decided to embark on an initiative to create a new strategy for planning and goal setting.

The output of my recent brainstorming session is called the

R1: Results:Define the results you would like to achieve that you believe are possible.

R2: Reasons:This is the “why” and where the motivation to do what it takes comes from. This all important component is missing from the old SMART goal formula.

R3: Responsibility: This is where you identify who will be responsible for achieving these results, and where the individual and collective accountabilities will be placed.

R4: Rewards: Too few business leaders, except for sales managers, take into account the rewards that may be in store for those that participate in helping to achieve the results identified here. If you’re doing this for yourself, identify the rewards you’d like to reap from achieving these results. If you lead, or are part of a team, identify the rewards the team will be able to collectively enjoy when achieving the desired results.

Give this new goal setting and strategic planning process a shot and let me know what you think. Looking forward to your feedback on this, feel free to leave a comment. If you’d like help working through this to identify some stretch goals for you and your team, you can schedule a private, 1:1 strategy session here.

’til next time, make it a great week!