A Small Business Tool to Recruit Championship Caliber Employees

Yesterday my favorite hockey team signed a new player. The past two seasons we’ve been close to actually winning the NHL’s Stanley Cup championship.

This new player is not someone who will put us over the top by himself, and he comes with some baggage (don’t we all?).

From all indications the team engaged in serious due diligence before bringing him to the team.

He was attractive to the team because he offered two important qualities.

  1. He has contributed to two championship teams over the past four seasons, and
  2. He has a particular skill the team lacked last season.

My team was clear on what they were looking for.

When your organization looks to bring on new hires is it always as clear as it needs to be? Most are not.

Here’s a 5-Part Model you can use to define what you need (not surprisingly, it has a sports theme to it):

The SKATE Hiring Mode:

  • S = Skills:
    What specific skills must this person bring with them that are most vital to success in the role that make them a high-value addition to the team?
  • K= Knowledge:
    What knowledge must they have and in what general areas of business and what specific areas of your industry?
  • A= Attitude:
    What type of attitude must they possess that will make them a great contributor and team player that will add to a positive work environment?
  • T= Talents:
    What innate talents must this individual possess that will allow them thrive right from day one?
  • E= Education/Experience:
    What formal education must they have for this role and what professional experience must be in their background?

In the explanation for each of those 5 categories there is 1 common word that is vitally important to this process, can you pick it out?

If so, leave a comment below as to what it is an why I say it is “vitally important?”

’til next time, “communicate with power!”

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