A Time Clock Was NOT the Best Solution

A partner in a small professional services firm with thirteen employees was struggling with an employee coming to work on time.

Despite conversations with this employee the behavior continued.

Eventually, others in the company saw this person stretching the boundaries and others began to follow.

Soon the workplace behavior was getting to the point where it was impacting customer service.

This firm’s partner decided to take control of the situation.

A time clock and requiring all employees to clock in and out to track attendance.

In a professional services firm, this is highly unusual.

When I learned of this during a discovery conversation to explore ways we could work together to improve company performance this partner said, “well, I had to do something, it was getting out of control.

I agreed.

The problem is that the time clock was a very passive-aggressive solution to a situation that required prompt, direct and respectful leadership communication.

The solution was a more effective performance management system where employees have clear performance goals and behavior expectations that both parties agree are important to individual and organizational success.

Getting buy-in and commitment early in the relationship, or in the “year” to those performance goals and expectations are vital.

If you don’t have it to the level you would like to have it you may want to use this time of year or the first days of the upcoming New Year to put them in place.

The performance management system my clients apply involves two very simple, yet powerful documents, Position Results Scorecard coupled with a Performance Scorecard Conversation Log.

If you’d like a copy of those two documents to apply to your company’s performance management system you will need to learn how to implement them most effectively, so go here to request a 2016 Championship Company Strategy Session for us to have a conversation about how to do that.

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