A Valuable Leadership Communication Lesson Revisited

I trust you are enjoying this holiday season and are preparing for a prosperous New Year in 2013. This is a great time of year for me as I always take the last two weeks of the year to reflect, review, renew and recommit for the new year, the arbitrary restarting point for personal and professional commitments.

Even though its arbitrary we might as well use it since the symbolism is so ubiquitously understood.

What are you doing to reflect, review, renew and recommit for 2013?

As I was reflecting over last weekend preparing for the holiday, I remembered back a powerful lesson on my path to obtaining my bachelor’s degree in communication.

I distinctly remember my professor, the first day of classes, welcoming us and reinforcing the fact we had made a great decision to study
communication, she said, “because you cannot not communicate.”

A simple but valuable lesson for me, one I’ve never forgotten. Although I left the field of communication for 20-years on a detour through my
professional baseball career, I used that lesson often.

Think about it!

We are always communicating. Even when we are silent, even when we are sleeping, we are communicating some message to the outside world.

Sometimes our communication is conscious, sometimes our communication is unconscious. But we are always communicating!

It’s my passion these days to help business leaders communicate consciously because the more consistently we communicate consciously, we will
begin to develop the unconscious communication habits that will drive our ability to influence
our environment, and those in it.

If you’ve read any of my writings in recent years you know there are 3 important levels of communication every leader must master,
consciously at first. If you are not aware of them, go here,

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I look forward to serving you in 2013!

Best Regards,

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