Skip works with organizations that want to create championship company cultures
that lead to increased performance, productivity, and profits.

Skip’s baseball background is universal and provides real experience from real work environments any audience CAN relate to…

Skip’s experience as a CEO in professional baseball means he’s led business teams for the majority of his first career. His experience was in a business office just like yours. It just happened to occur in a baseball stadium. So, despite having a sports background his stories and anecdotes are relevant to every work environment.

Skip engages the audience directly in their own learning so they apply it back in the work environment…

Your audience will take information from the event and apply it back in their businesses, and they’ll credit you with that win. Skip incorporates adult learning strategies applying the most appropriate, state-of-the-art techniques based on audience needs and desired event outcomes. Specific and quick accountability activities are applied so that your audience members leave with a commitment to actionable takeaways.

Skip creates a memorable, high-content experience that keeps your audience engaged throughout…

Skip’s stories, examples, and lessons are delivered in a humble, humorous, self-deprecating manner that connects in an authentic way, to make the learning enjoyable and sticky.

Skip partners with event planners and organization leaders to understand and maximize event objectives…

Skip will do pre-program work to ensure that your meeting objectives will be reached.

Skip delivers value beyond your event…

Because there is never enough time to answer everyone’s questions and not everyone will ask questions in a public environment, there are going to beunanswered questions. Therefore, Skip invites audience members to connect with him after the event to answer questions or provide supporting resources to help resolve their challenges any time after everyone has gone home or back to the office.

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Skip works with organizations that want to create championship teams and work environments that lead to increased performance, productivity, and profits.

To help clients and audiences achieve championship results Skip combines lessons as a lifelong student of professional sports and winning formulas, with 20-years experience in professional baseball, and client case studies accumulated since 2002 as a speaker, coach, consultant, and author.
Skip won his first championship in competitive sports at the age of eight in the Iselin, NJ hometown little league. His second and only other championship was in 1999 while serving as CEO of the Hudson Valley Renegades when the team won the NY-Penn League Championship as an affiliate of Major League Baseball’s Tampa Bay Rays.
Skip is one of the few people who decided on a career path at seven years old and was able to fulfill that childhood dream as an adult. Over his 20-years in professional baseball 16 were as CEO of five professional baseball franchises.
He became CEO of his first team at the age of 26 in Greensboro, North Carolina. During his career Skip led teams affiliated with the Boston Red Sox, Cincinnati Reds, New York Mets, Seattle Mariners, Tampa Bay Rays, and the Texas Rangers.
During his time in professional baseball management  Skip’s teams were recognized with two “Organization of the Year” awards by national industry publications, The Sporting News, and Baseball America.


At the end of his first championship work environment consulting project, Skip realized there was only one foundational issue that led to the success – Communication! 

Communication is the foundation of championship teamwork and performance in athletics and in business.

From that realization Skip made leadership and workplace communication the foundation of his work helping companies create championship performance.

BUT, then he learned another related problem, which was that there are many contexts of communication in a work environment and among teams, so he delved in deeper.

Today, the foundation of Skip’s work is helping organizational leaders communicate more effectively in the following specific contexts:

  • Strategy
  • Performance Management
  • Leading and facilitating meetings
  • Teamwork
  • Interpersonal workplace relationships

“Before working with Skip our team was stuck in one mindset. There was a culture of complacency and disrespect. Now everyone expects more from themselves and each other, they definitely communicate better and are moving forward.”

Dwight Coombe, President
President, Sprague & Killeen Insurance

Skip’s unique philosophy that “if team members are not thinking, feeling, and acting in a way required to fulfill job performance expectations, it is NOT their fault, it is their leader’s fault.”

This approach allows client team members a clean slate and a fresh start. This opens their mind and allows organizations to create a championship performing work environment without the need to fire or hire anyone. A much more cost effective initiative.

Since 2012, Skip has spoken on hundreds of stages across North America to business leaders on his signature topics on how to communicate to create championship leadership, teamwork, and company performance

In 2019 Skip became a certified coach for The Great Game of Business, a business philosophy that promotes financial transparency, teaches all employees financial literacy so they can help the leaders of their companies to improve the bottom line.

Skip is originally from New Jersey, and today lives in Poughkeepsie, New York with his wife Anne and Himalayan cat, Lynx.  Skip keeps his Jersey roots close as a fan of Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band (he’s seen 87 live performances and counting), is a New York Rangers season ticket holder, and an avid practitioner of yoga and mindfulness meditation.

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