Applying Major League Baseball’s “Trading Deadline” to Your Small Business

This is the time of year in Major League Baseball when trade talks pick up between teams considering a run for the post season.

August 1st the annual player trading deadline is just a week away.

Rumors as to which teams and which players will be involved in swaps is rampant.

Last year my favorite team the New York Mets (read about it here) made a significant player trade bringing in a player who became the key catalyst propelling the team to its first World Series appearance in 15 years.

It’s also time to remind small business owners to think about incorporating their own “trading deadline.”

The Trading Deadline in my work with small business leaders is an absolute last resort.

It is also a systematic process created after 20-years running my own small businesses and 6-years of coaching other small business owners on building better employee teams.

The Trading Deadline process allows under-performing employees to recognize their present role with their current employer may no longer be a fit.

It also provides business owners who struggle with letting go of under-performing employees a compassionate and empathetic way to do so.

During my final years running my baseball teams I had to make a hard decision to make an employee “trade.”

This employee also had three other family members working on our full time and part time staff.

We feared if we made this ‘trade” her entire family would quit.

We made the hard decision anyway.

After leaving our organization this employee was able to secure other more appropriate positions in the game and even garnered an opportunity to be a general manager of her own team much sooner than if she stayed.

The rest of her family remained and continued to be valued employees.

When properly applying The Trading Deadline as a last resort it typically works out best for all concerned.

You can read more about The Trading Deadline at this article I recently published.

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