Are You Committing One of These Organizational Communication Sins?

Even though today is April Fool’s Day, poor organizational communication is nothing to fool around about.

Has a conversation with a boss, co-worker or subordinate at your company left you confused, frustrated, stressed or uncertain?

If so, you’ve been the victim of at least one of the “7 Deadliest Sins of Organizational Leadership Communication.”

As a matter of fact, after 8 1/2 years consulting, coaching and training in organization’s of all sizes, organizational communication is, by far, the #1 issue employees and managers blame as the root cause of low trust, low morale and poor performance in their organization.

How many people in your organization would say the same thing?

Many of you who have been following my “Champion Leadership Blog” know I’ve been working on defining the key organizational communication problems leaders must fix to improve morale and motivation to improve performance.

After pre-maturely releasing a white paper report on the 5 biggest leadership communication problems (which some of you have downloaded) I realized it was incomplete. Therefore…

Today, I am officially releasing “The 7 Deadliest Sins of Organizational Leadership Communication.”

It is a comprehensive report based on real client case studies accumulated over the last 8-plus years in my business.

Other’s who have sampled this report have told me I should be selling this as an e-book for a minimum of $19.95, but I’m just too passionate about getting this information in the hands of as many organizational leaders as possible.

So, I’ve decided to release as a free download

You can learn more about this free report and what’s in its 34-pages, including client case studies, the problems and their solutions at this

Additionally, as soon as you order this free report you will also have the opportunity to ask me a question directly related to your most pressing organizational communication question.

I’ll help solve it on the spot via e-mail.

Thanks and we’ll be in touch soon!

Best Regards,