“As Soon As Possible” Just Not Good Enough for Customer Service Communication, And “In Due Time” Is Even Worse!

I am appalled and may never use SIXT Rental Cars again, EVER! Here’s why…”In Due Time”

We used SIXT while vacationing in Germany in the fall of 2011. My wife has been on the company’s email list ever since.

Last week, she decided to unsubscribe from SIXT Rental Car’s email list, clicked the link in its most recent e-mail and was taken to this webpage:

What message is this sending to its customers, or potential customers?

As my wife said, “in due time is worst than ‘as soon as possible.”

With “as soon as possible” at least the message is that “we received your notice and its important for us to serve you in a timely manner.”

The message of “your entry will be removed in due time” sends a couple of messages:

  1. Since you no longer want to be part of our mailing list you are no longer important to us so we’ll get to it whenever we get around to it.
  2. This is a rinky dink operation that has an intern in a backroom going through these unsubscribes manually deleting them off a database.

According to a Wikipedia page on SIXT “It has around 4,000 service stations in over 90 countries. Sixt was founded in 1912 by Martin Sixt in Munich. Sixt has continued expanding its business and is now in the USA.”

Even I have an automated system that automatically removes unsubscribes from my database if someone submits a request.

Get with it SIXT, the above response is insulting!

What does everyone else think? Please leave a comment below.

’til next time, make it a great week!


P.S. – my wife was previously receiving an email from SIXT about every two weeks. We’ll see if and when we get the next one.