Ask Skip: How Can I Communicate Poor Performance to My Direct Report When My Boss Thinks This Person is a High-Performer?

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The short answer is, “you can’t,” if your boss outwardly communicates with this individual and you in a way that shows he/she believes they are contributing at a high level.

But, you do have some options.

You have to influence your boss to show him/her that their perception of this individual’s performance is inaccurate.

You need to build your case with specific details as to why you have determined this individual is under-performing. If you can’t prove it to your boss, your subordinate will not “buy” it either.

There is a bigger issue here, though, that has to be acknowledged and addressed. Here are three important questions to consider and evaluate:

  • What type of metrics are being used to track performance?
  • Who has set the performance expectations?
  • What has been agreed upon regarding performance expectations?

Additionally, I’d also be concerned about your relationship with your boss. It seems there is a trust/confidence gap between the two of you or at least a serious communication/perception gap that must be addressed first.

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