Ask Skip: Why Is It Important a Leader Communicate More Consciously?

Since my blog article a couple of weeks ago discussing the difference between communicating with our default habits vs. communicating more thoughtfully and consciously, I’ve received a number of comments, both on the blog and direct e-mails continuing the discussion.

This question came in via e-mail to me and I thought it was a great way to take the discussion even deeper.

The simple answer comes down to two things; it’s the difference between being proactive and influential vs. being reactive and influenced.

When business leaders communicate thoughtfully and consciously they are being proactive. When leaders are proactive in their approach it is much easier for followers to be inspired by them and to be positively influenced by them.

When business leaders allow their habits to be their default way of communicating they are reactive, trying to navigate and maneuver situations, having their decisions and actions influencked by those situations.

That’s the difference. It’s a powerful difference.

Leaders that communicate consciously and thoughtfully will develop the respect, trust of those they lead.

Leaders that continually communicate with their default habits (unconsciously) will struggle gaining the trust and respect of those they are leading. These leaders will forever be trying to figure out how to motivate their people to higher levels of performance.

Just my two cents, what do you think. Please leave a comment below.

’til next time, make it a great weekend!