Average Employee for 15 Years Becomes #2 Lead Generator – Here’s How:

They say you can’t teach old dogs new tricks.

Many small business owners feel the same about long-term employees.

Often they give up too soon.

Some think 14 years is too long to tolerate employees who barely do the minimum.


14 years may be too long, or it may not be long enough.

It depends on how the business owner communicates with that employee.

For one client’s employee 14-years wasn’t enough.

Now in his 16th year this employee is re-energized and performing far beyond expectations.

I wrote about this employee back in December when he verbalized how important it was for him to raise his performance in key areas.

But, I bet you’ve heard employees verbalize their commitment many times in the past.

Talk is cheap.

The only thing that matters is performance.

Well, four weeks into the New Year this employee has followed through on his promise.

He is now #2 on his team in generating new prospect leads as a field technician.

The entire team has generated 100 new prospect contacts in the first four weeks of the New Year.

This activity has led to six job quote estimates for prospects not on my client’s radar screen 4 weeks ago.

Two years ago my client was pulling his hair out trying to get technicians to generate prospective client leads from their jobs in the field.

Despite “communicating” ad-nauseam he was getting no cooperation, commitment or follow through on his requests.

The only thing changed in 18 months is how my client communicates with his staff.

Historically, this company converts about 75% of the quotes to qualified prospects.

This level of activity will equate to 54 new client jobs or more than $81,000 in new business, about 10% revenue growth this year.

If you’d like to identify strategies to get employees to take initiative and ownership that could grow your business by a minimum of 10% this year…

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