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The Book that can Transform Communication in Your Workspace

Daniel Pink, NY Times Bestselling Author of ‘DRIVE’, ‘WHEN’, & ‘To Sell Is Human’, says…

“With the guidance of Skip Weisman, you can correct the seven deadly sins of miscommunication and raise the quality of your interactions with others.”

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Why You Should Read This Book...

Relevant for Every Workplace!

“Skip’s book addresses specific, relevant, and tangible issues in the workplace while providing easy to implement strategies and techniques to rectify those issues. I highly recommend Skip’s book and workshops to overcome these workplace challenges.”

Jeff Esraelian – Director Human Resources
Central California Blood Center – Fresno, CA


A Practical & Relevant Handbook!

A practical and relevant handbook that inspires self-

reflection and self-awareness to recognize common communication mistakes and frustrations while providing immediate take action plans for positive results.  A must read for anyone who interacts with people!”

Jennifer Smith – President
JMS Synergy – Chicago, IL

A Real Eye Opener!

“A real eye-opener to how the subtleties of our average communications lead to below average results, and how we can take charge to improve business and our lives with more succinct, direct, and courteous communication.”

Joe Beccalori – CEO
Interact Marketing – New Windsor, NY

The One Book I Wished I Had During My Career!

“Of all the business books I’ve read over a 40+ year career, this is the one I wish I’d had at the beginning, and re-read every year. Skip’s candid – and at times, highly personal – approach is refreshing and entertaining, keeping you engaged throughout. Overall, it would be a “sin” for a manager to not read this book.”

Jim Williamson – Retired
Retired – Former Non-Profit Senior Executive

A Must Read for Business Professionals!

“Skip has written a must-read for anyone in business; no matter the level, industry, or tenure. Everyone can improve their communication skills and this book provides strategies, examples, and exercises to get you started. I thoroughly enjoyed the read and will revisit the book often.”

Dawn Kirspel – Vice President
The Center for Client Retention – Berkely Heights, NJ

Communication is the “soft” skill that generates “hard” problems like killing teamwork, collaboration, and results in the workplace. When done wrong, it brings “hard” costs to companies of all sizes in all industries. With this book you will even be able to calculate the specific costs of poor communication at your company.

Unfortunately, communication is the generic rug that most all workplace problems are swept under, hoping they miraculously get better by labeling them “communication problems.”

Because of this you probably consistently experience “ground hog day” conversations. You know, the same conversations with the same people about the same things in the same meetings with nothing changing?

This book will help business leaders name the communication problem and provide a framework for setting a new standard around the seven most common and most damaging communication mistakes occurring every day in your work environment.

These communication sins are NOT generational, they are personal and individual. When you set a new standard for what you expect from your workplace communication, and you deal with it in the ways this book explains, you will transform the results in your company. Your teams of employees want to go a good job.

It’s just that these seven deadliest of all communication mistakes are getting in their way

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Skip's Book" Overcoming The 7 Deadliest Communication SINs: A New Standard for Workplace Communication