Champion Leaders Crave and Solicit Feedback

In last week’s blog article I promised you a simple strategy to glean feedback from your team members.

As Major League Baseball heads into its post season to crown the 2016 World Series Champion this is the perfect time to discuss the power of humility to create championship performance.

On the path to win the World Series Championship the competition gets tougher, as the best of the best play against each other.

The only chance athletes have to “go all the way” is by approaching their jobs with humility.

This means they study the competition’s strengths and tendencies, they identify strategies to combat them, and they practice the fundamentals to reinforce the good habits they’ll need under pressure.

Humility creates championship performance.

Humility means you don’t take your performance for granted.

Humility means you crave feedback.

If you lead a company, an organization, or even just a team, you need to lead with humility.

This means not just embracing feedback, but craving it and soliciting it.

Below is the simple strategy I promised, courtesy of Marshall Goldsmith, author of the book “What Got You Here, Won’t Get You There” and an executive coach to millionaire CEOs.

Go to each of your direct reports and/or team members and ask one simple question:

“How can I be a better _____________________?”

You fill in the blank.

What do you want feedback on?

Six simple steps to a successful feedback initiative:

  1. Choose the topic.
  2. Choose the people to ask.
  3. Open the conversation coveying sincerity about improving and wanting their honest, direct feedback,
  4. After getting the feedback, just say “thank you,” and nothing else.
  5. Pick 2-3 items from among all the feedback you heard, then,
  6. Let those people know what you’ve chosen to work on and that you’ll be coming back to them in 30 days to get feedback again on how you’re progressing.

Are you humble enough for this challenge?

If so, it will make your team members more open to feedback when you need them to be.

Next time, you I’ll share a story about a great leader who used this humble approach to make a difference the world’s greatest city.

Please leave a comment below. Tell me what you think and continue the conversation.

’til next time Communicate With Power!

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3 thoughts on “Champion Leaders Crave and Solicit Feedback

  1. Gail Haynes says:

    I will try this with a small team with whom I work and get their response. Then try to implement.

  2. Lisa says:

    And as a loyal Cubs fan, I would boast that this team emulates the value of humility in every interview, every comment to the press, and (I’d have to believe) interaction with each other. Too many years of egos have led that team to the pits…this season we have a manager who is not interested in wearing a tie – much less living in a gated community, a first baseman who repeatedly says “we have a lot of work to do” and a pitcher who has a record that will go down in history (and a home run to boot) who never cheers for himself. I LOVE THIS GAME! As for leading this way – I think you are spot on!

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