Champion Leadership #19 – If You’re An Organization Leader, Why Do People Follow You?

As I look back on my career as a President and/or General Manager in professional baseball leading five different franchise operations, I don’t think I ever asked that question of myself.

Now, as I coach organizational leaders of all sizes and ask that question of them, I wish I had asked myself that question. I think it would have made me a better leader.

There is really only one answer to that question.

The answer is because they see it as being in their best interests to do so.

However, for leaders to get the most out of those that follow them, there is a subset that offers two options which will allow for enhanced performance of team members if leaders understand how to use them:

  1. They have to – meaning they see that they have no other choice, they have to follow you because you lead the organization that provides their livelihood and they feel they have few options because their salary, benefits and personal situation tie them to your leadership and your organization, for better or worse. This is called “Position Power.” It is the power granted the leader by his or her role, title, stature, etc. (The Boss).
  2. They want to – this means individual team members are inspired by the vision, purpose and strategy you put forth and they are excited to participate in achieving something beyond themselves. They believe the rewards for participating at a high level will be there along the way.

This is called “Personal Power.” It is the power granted the leader by those that follow because of the relationship they have with the leader and the commitment to the shared vision.

So, what is it for you? Why do your people follow you? The interesting paradox with these two dynamics is that I believe truly outstanding leaders have both and use both very effectively. I’ll write more about that next week, so stay tuned for the topic “How to Maximize 3 strategies leaders use to create a high performance culture the Balance Between Personal Power & Position Power Leadership.”

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