Champion Leadership Tip #10 – Set Organizational Behavior Standards, Hire & Manage Performance By Them

One of the questions I receive most from the owners and CEOs of small businesses and non-profits is about hiring the right people. Even in this economy with so many qualified people out of work, employers are still challenged in bringing people in to their organizations.

I believe one of the causes of this hiring challenge is that few organization leaders are clear on their hiring standards. Most take the antiquated approach of hiring for experience and education and put little focus on the prospective team member’s fit with the organization’s culture.

The reason for this is that most organization’s culture’s are developed organically without direction and forethought at the top of the organization.

When I offer the owners and CEOs of small businesses and non-profit organizations the concept of expected behavior and values standards that can consciously craft the culture, I am amazed they see this as a revelation.

I always suggest my five traits of a C.H.A.M.P. as a model to follow. It is usually well received since most don’t have a standard of their own. At the same time I also let them know that there is no magic to my five traits of a C.H.A.M.P. and suggest they adapt and/or create their own to begin as quickly as possible to integrate some behavior and attitude standards into their organization’s culture, to more consciously create their organization’s culture.

This tip offers a great strategy with which to launch the new year to begin creating a new culture of performance and accountability. In my free white paper report “The Secret 6 Step Formula for Creating a High Performing Business Team That Gets Champion Level Results.” I discuss this and five other components for creating a Championship Culture in any organization.

You can download that free report here.