Champion Leadership Tip #11 – Leading With Humility a Sign of Strength, Not Weakness

One of the things that holds leaders back from being most effective and getting the best out of the people on their teams is a belief that they have to always be strong, always have all the answers.

Leaders who are unable to admit mistakes and unable to apologize for indiscretions will be limited in the results their teams achieve.

Many inexperienced and some experienced leaders succumb to the myth that they need to know it all and be all to everyone, yet this is the quickest way to failure.

The best leaders are humble. They apply humility in there leadership approach by asking for help in situations where they know their people on the front lines or whom are closer to the situation may have better answers.

Leaders also apply this humility by hiring strong personalities that have strengths in areas where they are weak and they are not threatened by the presence of that strong personality.

It takes strength to lead with humility and to know when to apply it in a genuine way that connects with those that follow. Humility is one of the quickest ways to build trust and show your team members you are human, and that’s a good thing

But, leaders also have to know when to use it and can’t over do it, otherwise the leader will be seen to lack confidence and courage. For leaders that want to learn how to effectively apply and lead with humility, the foundational Champion Leadership Communication Skills Program, “Influencing Skills” is a good place to start.

For more information on “Influencing Skills” visit this link.