Champion Leadership Tip #13 – Tie Team Members’ Responsibilities to Measurable Results

I recently had a coaching session with a Sr. Vice-President at a regional bank with direct responsibility for the performance of his management team. One team member was relatively new, having just completed her second year on the team.

In discussing her disappointing performance during her first two years it came to my attention that the things causing her poor performance were related to attitudinal issues, such as working within expected work hours and break times, communicating with co-workers and customers in a positive, proactive manner.

When I asked about her technical capabilities they felt she was more than capable based on her background, but despite two years with the department they couldn’t point to any specific results or achievements she had contributed. They were questioning her commitment.

The reason for this lack of results, upon further questioning, was that no specific results were required of her according the job description. It listed only job tasks and skills required for her position.

It’s little wonder when I interviewed her she said she felt like she was not given the opportunity to make a contribution and she didn’t feel like she was a factor on the team.

Immediately after my conversation, her immediate supervisor had a discussion with her, reinforced her value to the team, told her she would be given specific performance responsibilities and support, due to my coaching of the team. Her attitude and demeaner immediately transformed.

It takes a little more work and contemplation to outline a set of Performance Standards for a job with specific expected results. However, investing time in this process can be tremendously effective in improving the performance of an individually employee as well as an entire team when applied across and organization.

Creating specific performance standards and expectations is one of “The 6 Keys for Creating a High-Performing Business Team That Gets Champion Level Results.”

Apply this system for higher performance expectations and managing the job results achieved by your employees year after year will no longer feel like GroundHog Day!