Champion Leadership Tip #25 – Build Trust to Improve Teamwork, Pt. 1

This weekend I’ve begun putting together the details for my May 14th full-day workshop titled, “How to Create and Lead a Championship Team.”

Putting the outline together I’ve been reminded about how important “trust” is to building a successful team. (To learn more about that program and to get an early registration discount visit

trust in the workplace

As a leader of others it is vital that you are able to influence them in a positive manner so that your team can move consistently towards its goals. In order to influence your team members in this way, your team must be built on trust and a high-trust environment mut be in place.

The breakdown of trust is the downfall of athletic teams over the course of a long season as a team experiences more losses than wins.

The breakdown of trust also is preventing most teams, and individually employees, in both the business and non-profit world from performing at higher levels.

Therefore, the next couple of Champion Leadership Tips will be focused on building trust in the workplace.

The first step is to define it. I think its important to define trust in two ways, and both must be present in order for trust to be present:

  1. Having the belief that the person with whom I am working will do what they say they are going to do and is capable of doing what they say they can do at a level that meets or exceeds expected performance standards, and
  2. Having the belief that the person with whom I am working has the absolute best interests of myself and our organization at heart when taking action and making decisions in fulfilling their organizational role.

Team Trust Exercise:
Identify the members of your team and write their initials down the left margin of a sheet of paper. Then grade your level of trust on a 1-10 scale (10 = extremely high trust) with each team member based on the above two definitions.

Next time we’ll discuss ways to begin increasing the trust between you and your team members, and between team members themselves.

‘Til next time, make it a great week,

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