Champion Leadership Tip #26 -Build Trust to Improve Teamwork, Pt. 2

Last week I defined “trust” in the workplace and provided an exercise to get started on evaluating the level of trust on your team and in your organization.

This week I want to identify a couple of key ways to begin building or re-building trust to improve results.Creating trust in the workplace

trust in the workplaceLeaders must take the lead in building trust throughout their organization and in individual teams.

Trust starts with clarity. Without clarity neither side in a relationship has confidence in where they stand. This means each person in the team relationship must be committed to specific and clear communication, otherwise, mis-understandings will occur causing a breakdown in trust.

One area leaders need to invest time in is ensuring specific communication is an expectation in their organization and is one of its core values against which performance is measured.

The place to start is to define “specific communication.” What does it sound like? How will team members know they’ve been communicated to with specificity and when they are being specific.

This is vital and it is a very elusive communication challenge. Many times, even when we believe we are being specific we may not be. Other times leaders because of low self-esteem purposely communication with a lack of specificity, thus creating their own negative, low morale, low motivation workplace.

I recently published two articles that provide examples of how elusive specific communication can be and some suggestions to begin communicating with greater specificity. You can find those articles here.

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