Champion Leadership Tip #27 – Build Trust to Improve Teamwork, Pt. 3

This leadership tip to continue building trust in the workplace may be the shortest and simplest of all 27 Champion Leadership Tips since I started this in the workplace

It may be the simplest, but easy to implement it may not be. It depends on one’s level of humility (one of my 7 CHAMPion Leader traits).

One of the best ways to build trust in the workplace is to ask for feedback from those on your team. Then, really listen to it, take it to heart, simply say “thank you.” Then go do something with what you hear.

Ask these simple questions:

  • “How can I be a better leader?”
  • “What’s getting in the way of our team or organization ______________ (getting better results, working better together, etc.)

Afterwards, communicate back with those who provided the insights providing an update on the decisions you’ve made and the actions you are taking based on the feedback.

This will build trust in your organization by:

  • showing you to be genuinely interested in constant improvement,
  • showing you are someone who follows through on your commitments
  • setting a tone for when you need to provide feedback to your team members

Some questions to think about as you contemplate implementing this tip:

  • Are you humble enough to give it a try?
  • Will your team members trust the culture enough to believe they can give frank feedback without fear of repercussions?
  • Do you have a high enough level of trust that your people will be honest with you, even if you may be one of the obstacles to the team getting better?

That’s it for today. Let me know what you think of this idea and how you may be applying it this week.

’til next time…

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