Champion Leadership Tip #28 – Build Trust to Improve Teamwork, Pt. 4

The fourth and final piece in this series to help build trust to improve teamwork is going to focus on creating a culture of accountability.

The reason why teamwork in athletics works is because athletics at every level offers a culture of accountability.

trust in the workplaceEvery athlete is consistently evaluated on their production and performance against the specific performance expectated of them.

The reason why a culture of accountability builds trust is that all team members know that each is charged with specific performance expectations and will have to answer for their individual production.

This approach works to create equilibrium throughout an organization because without it performance is uncertain and thus the equilibrium goes out of balance as it is difficult to know whom to trust to follow through and get the job done.

At last Friday’s “How To Create and Lead a Championship Team” workshop we talked a lot about accountability and how for a lot of default leaders (leaders who have to lead a team because of the job they have but are not experienced leaders and whom did not aspire to lead others, per se), holding others accountable is challenging.

To hold others accountable a leader must have high levels of self-esteems and self-confidence, and be a strong communicator.

A culture of accountability begins with a leader setting specific performance expectations for each individual team member and providing feedback, both positive and constructive.

That’s it ’til next time…

skip weisman, helping leaders motivate employees to improve organizational performance

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