Champion Leadership Tip #37 – A Simple Strategy to Improve Employee Motivation

Just this past Friday I was inspired by a Twitter Tweet posted someone I’m following who always shares great leadership quotes.

Steve Keating (who can be followed on Twitter at posted:

“Average leaders make their people perspire while great leaders make them inspired.”

His post inspired me that afternoon to create what I am now calling the
“Employee Motivation Equation – A Recipe for Team and Organization Success” .

Click the image above to go to a page that explains in more detail each of the components of the equation and why they are important.

Along with this equation I’ve also created a “Leadership & Employee Motivation Assessment” tool. It is a simple 21-statement checklist you can work through to see how many things you are doing well to motivate your employees and team members, and the areas you need to do better.

To get access to the assessment, complete this form:

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If you were to consistently apply the above Employee Motivation Equation, worked through the 21-Point Assessment and combined it with “The Secret 6-Step Formula for Creating a High-Performing Business Team that Gets Champion Level Results,” you will succeed in creating a highly-motivated team that could achieve outstanding results.

Check out the Employee Motivation Equation and let me know what you think.

’til next time, make it a great week!