Champion Leadership Tip #42 – The 5 Magical Management Strategies to Manifest Leadership & Teamwork in Any Organization

After taking last week off while on vacation here is a leadership and teamwork tip I’ve been working on developing the past few weeks.

I’ve been getting a lot of questions in my email from subscribers about how they can get their employees and team members to take more initiative in their jobs and to work better as a team.

So, it got me thinking on some of the specific keys to making that happen.great leadership and teamwork example

I’ve come up with these 5 steps:

  1. Make “Teamwork” a Job Performance Expectation & Reward It
    This sounds like a no-brainer, but I’m amazed at how many organizational leaders just expect teamwork to happen. Unfortunately, too many organizations have compensation and reward systems that do not promote the sharing of resources and helping fellow team members.
  2. Make “Self-Leadership” and “Self-Responsibility” a Job Performance Expectation
    This, too, sounds like a no-brainer, but few organizations set true standards for how people “show up” on the job in their attitudes and behaviors. As such, many leaders are frustrated with dealing with individuals who do not have the “can do” self-starter attitude but do look to blame others when things don’t go as they hoped. But, it is their own fault because there is no measurable job performance standard for this area.
  3. Create Opportunities for Teaching, Coaching and Mentoring the Organization’s Next Leaders
    In a couple of weeks I’ll be starting my second leadership training program for a high-profile company in my region. When this program concludes around Thanksgiving roughly 1/3 of their staff and 100% of their youngest generation of employees will have gone through a 32-hour leadership training and development program. This organization will be ready for the next generation of leaders to step up, is yours?
  4. Make Promoting from Within a Priority/Core Value and Communicate It Throughout the Organization
    Another client whose leadership team completed my ‘Champion Organizations’ program back in the spring recently went through a mini-crisis with one of its leadership team members. Instead of going through a recruiting process to bring an experienced executive on board from outside, we worked on restructuring the team already in place to promote other high-performers giving them the opportunity to take on more. This allows others to see potential opportunities within their own agency and they will be more committed to their present roles knowing their is a possibility for advancement from within.
  5. Help All Team Members Achieve their Aspirations Even If It Is With Another Company or Competitor
    If all of the above strategies are followed you will be hiring and retaining high-level employees who are a great fit for your organization. But, that retention of key employees will create a backlog of talent, which will need to be addressed. For some you will be able find new challenges for higher contribution, for others you will not and they will wait for an opportunity only so long. Keep the lines of communication open and let them know you will help them get to the next level, whether it is in your organization or elsewhere. If you do, your people will reward you while they’re with you.

If organizational leadership and teamwork development strategies like this are helpful to you, you are going to want to join me for my free teleseminar on Thursday, September 9th, during which I will be discussing “The 3 Leadership Strategies Champion Organizations Master That Too Many Leaders Take for Granted.”

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’til next time, make it a great week!