Champion Leadership Tip #50 – My Top 5 Leadership Qualities, The Only Ones You’ll Ever Need

I ask your indulgence for a little self-congratulations!

This week I celebrate this blog as today marks the official 1-year anniversary of the Champion Organization’s blog and the 50th Champion Leadership Tip. We began this journey last November 9th, so today marks the end of the year, next week will begin year #2.

Congratulations to ME for actually maintaining my first venture into consistent blogging.

To celebrate I thought I would cull through the 49 other Champion Leadership Tips and pick what I believe to be “The 5 Most Important Champion Leadership Qualities.”

I began thinking about the “Top 5” prior to starting on a new client’s 8-week Champion Leadership Training program for its middle level managers.

One of them asked me in some pre-work what were the most important Leadership Qualities they should be aware of, and so I started developing these at that time, enjoy:

  1. 1. Self-Leadership – 5 Traits of a Champion Leader
    In 2009 I developed an executive leadership coaching philosophy based on these five traits of a champion leader:
  • Commitment
  • Humility
  • Accountability
  • Motivation (not procrastination)
  • Preparation

You can read about these five traits in more detail here. I also created a corrollary for the context of employee expectations as well (The 5 Self-Leadership Traits Expected of Champion Employees).

  • Throw out “The Golden Rule” to lead with “Platinum This goes back to Champion Leadership Tip #5 almost one year ago on November 30, 2009. Most of us in the United States were taught “The Golden Rule” growing up and I’m assuming other cultures offer similar teachings to the affect of “due unto others as you would have done unto you. But, there is a higher level, organizational leaders should follow and that is the platinum rule, which states, “do unto others as they would like to be done unto.” To learn more, go here. Additionally, in Champion Leadership #44 I wrote about “The 3 ‘AAA’ Habits” of leading which must be incorporated into any leadership approach. I believe these three from #44, round out the Fab 5:
  • Create & Articulate an “inspiring” vision Imagine its the first day of training camp for your favorite professional sports team. In every situation I would almost guarantee the ‘vision’ everyone at the training camp is focused on, from the owner of the team to the locker room custodian, is to get to the “Championship Game.” What is your organization’s “Championship Game?” How would your articulate it to yourself and communicate it to your team members in a way that inspires contribution to the effort?
  • Address issues promptly, directly and respectfully I would argue there is nothing more de-motivating and de-moralizing in an organization than witnessing issues not being addressed promptly and directly. It gives off an aura of apathy at the highest levels. Organizational leaders who complain about apathy from their team members need only look to themselves and their team leaders to see how they are ‘walking their talk’ when it comes to addressing issues. Too many organizational leaders lead with an ‘avoid and tolerate’ strategy.
  • Ability to make decisions and take action despite uncertainty
    Nothing is certain in life except change and death. Those two things can paralyze even the strongest wills sometimes. But, great leaders know that even not making a decision is “making a decision not to make one.”

Great leaders know they can never be 100% certain what the right course of action is until a decision is made to move forward to get feedback from the environment from which course/action corrections can be made.

Nurture these 5 leadership qualities and you will be on your way to having a high-performing organization.

For more lessons on leadership communication check out “The Leadership Series” – 7 Lessons equivalent to a ‘mini-masters degree’ in leadership.

’till next time, make it a great week!
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