Champion Leadership Tip #51 – Great Leaders Know “Authority” Must Come With Responsibility

I was speaking with a woman after a workshop recently who came up to me to let me know how much value she was taking away from my “Influencing With Integrity” Leadership Communication Workshop.

We had a number of prior discussions leading up to her attending this workshop so and I had a general sense as to what’s going on in her organization.

But, this time she shared something with me that was more personal than ever.

In putting this conversation together with those prior I’ve come to the conclusion that this very capable woman has been given a tremendous amount of responsibility by her superiors, but very little authority.

delegation means giving authority to steer the ship of responsibiliity And, there is a big difference.

Having responsibility without the authority

to take the action necessary to effectively move situations forward is like asking a sea captain to sail a ship that has no rudder or sails.

The areas for which this leader are responsible will float aimlessly through the days, weeks, months and years never reaching whatever uncertain destination it was originally seeking.

It will also cause extreme stress and burnout in the leaders who are given this responsibility and will cause them to lose the respect of those they are trying to lead.

As leaders, if we are confident enough in an individual to delegate responsibility to them, we have to trust them with an equal level of decision-making authority so they can effectively do the job we are asking them to do.

Doing anything less reflects more on the self-confidence of the leader than anything else, as it shows an inability to effectively communicate expectations and set clear parameters for authority and decision-making.

If you don’t trust an individual enough to clearly communicate the parameters within which they have decision-making authority do not delegate the responsibility to that individual.

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’til next time, make it a great week!