Champion Leadership Tip #8 – Shun Credit for Successes, Take Responsibility for Failures

In a few weeks the Olympic torch will be lit signifying the opening of the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. When the first team sport crowns its medal winners, the coach of the teams will not be on the medal stand having a medal draped around his or her neck.

Although uncertain of the genesis for this policy, it is consistent with this week’s Champion Leadership Tip. Leaders should shun credit and recognition for the success of their teams while taking responsibility for failures.

The best coaches in sports always operate this way. They recognize that regardless of the coaching, inspiration and preparation provided to their players it is the players who have to effectively put it all together to successfully perform.

On the flip side, if a team fails or loses, the argument could be made that it was the team’s coaches that did not do everything in their leadership role to provide the resources necessary to succeed. The best leaders recognize this and take the responsibility for it. In this area great leaders know the “buck stops with them” and would want it no other way.

Great leaders, who ironically also become highly recognized leaders,understand that the recognition and thus future opportunities will come from this type of leadership approach.

As you move forward in your leadership development adopt the Olympian’s approach; save the medals and recognition opportunities for your team members who’s efforts allowed your team to succeed and take responsibility for the setbacks to take the pressure off your team members publicly or at least within your organization. This is foundation of heartfelt leadership that will make you an even more successful and attractive leader.

This Champion Leadership tip is a subset of the three key strategies Champion Leaders must develop and consistently apply to be successful, to learn what they are you can download the free white paper report at this link

This will be the last Champion Leadership Tip for 2009 as we take a break over holidays. Best wishes for a great holiday season and we’ll be back with our first tip on Monday, January 4th.