Champion Leadership Tip #9 – Stop Trying to Motivate Your People


Everyone is motivated! I’ll write that again in case you missed it. Everyone is motivated!

What? You say, that’s impossible, you haven’t met my son-in-law. Yes, Virginia, even your son-in-law is motivated. His motivation may be to lay on the couch with the remote control while your daughter supports their household, but he is motivated.

Everyone is motivated.

But, are they motivated towards the right things? A procrastinator is motivated to put things off. A high-performing sales person is motivated to put money in his commission check. A homeless person is motivated to panhandle for his next meal.

If everyone is motivated then what do they need leaders for, you might ask?

The leaders job is to inspire their people to apply their motivation towards the right things. Inspiration gets people to apply their motivation towards goals and objectives that fulfill a particular purpose.

“Motivation” gets people to act in a certain fashion, but “Inspiration” directs that action in the areas that get the best results for the right reasons, fulfilling a particular cause or purpose.

The early moments of 2010, as in any new year, are the ideal time for leaders to leverage the optimism, enthusiasm and motivation for making this a great year that many people start out with, with an inspiring focus on achieving purposeful results.

Human beings want to know that their able to make a difference in the world. They want to know that they are on this earth for a purpose and leaders can inspire individuals to buy-into and fulfill a purpose in their role with the organization.

How are you inspiring your people? What is the ultimate purpose that you can focus your people’s attention on that will have the greatest impact on themselves, the organization, your organization’s customers and clients, and the community in which it serves.

As a leader start today to identify the specific ways your organization makes a difference and then connect that purpose to the role each person on your team fulfills.

That’s inspiration! Doing so will take their motivation in the right direction and get your year off to a fast start with a motivated team.

Have fun!