Teams that Desire Champion Level Performance Set Champion Level Standards

Watching FOX Sports Super Bowl Pre-Game Show on Sunday I was enamored with the panel discussion with the key members of Dallas Cowboys 1993-96 teams that won three Super Bowls in four seasons (you can watch it at this link).

I found the discussion enlightening in that it reinforced my belief in what it takes to create a champion environment that truly achieves champion level results.

The discussion revolved around the transformation the team made from winning just 1 of 16 games in 1989 to becoming Super Bowl Champions four years later.

All three players, Troy Aikman, Darrell Johnston, and Michael Irvin agreed that two things made the biggest difference:

  • raising the standards of expectations for being a team member
  • practicing under game conditions with full pads on days a lot of teams do not

Both of those are things your every day business can do, here’s how:

Define a higher standard for how your team members ‘show up.’ This means their work ethic and how they communicate and follow through with each other. What are the things driving you crazy with your team and team members that you wish were fixed. Commit to fixing them and ask your colleagues to commit to helping you (p.s.-be sure to put it in terms that articulate ‘their best interests’)

Get your team together and brainstorm things you can do that would truly set your organization apart from your competition. What is something you could do that would make your customers stand up and take notice that your competition would never think of doing.

And, remember two things that creates Champions:

Doing the fundamentals extraordinarily well (what are the fundamentals of your business (and the roles/jobs within your business that team members need to master?)…

Doing the things that others do not/will not do to be successful (what are those things for your business?).

Are you committed to achieving ‘champion’ level results in 2011?

If you’re tired of getting mediocre results from a mediocre work ethic on your team a good place to start is with my 5 Traits of a C.H.A.M.P. or just create and commit to your own, but do something to raise the expectations and the pride in being a member of your team.

If you’d like help with defining your standards and ideas as to how to implement them in a way that creates buy-in and commitment, I encourage you to apply for a complimentary Strategy Session at

’til next time, make it a great week!