Champion or Losing Organization, You Decide By How You Define Your Small Business

It’s been 70 years since the Chicago Cubs won their National League Championship and 107 years since they won a World Series Championship.

By that one measurement scale the Chicago Cubs could be labeled a losing organization.

On another measurement scale the Cubs could be just as easily labeled as a championship organization because of their ability to maintain the most loyal fan (customer) base in Major League Baseball.

For 17 consecutive baseball seasons the Cubs have never played to less than 70% average stadium capacity, getting as high as 88% in 2008, having only been a playoff caliber team twice in those years.

Other teams over those years may played to higher stadium capacity levels, but also have had much more on field success and new, state of the art stadiums to lure fans (e.g, San Francisco Giants).

The Cubs brand and the aura developed with their “historic” ballpark, Wrigley Field, is a championship brand.

So, on one hand, people might label the Cubs a losing organization and on another they are championship caliber.

The moral here is that there are different ways to define and measure success.

How are you defining “championship caliber performance” for yourself and your organization?

Where, in your organization is performance at a championship caliber level?

Next time, we’ll take the metaphor a little deeper and look at the four levels on your path to championship caliber performance.

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