Communicating Change in a Small Business Work Environment

Your employees continue to resist change.
This article explains why.
Basically, it’s because they don’t care. Or, at least they
don’t care enough to make their life more difficult and
Add to that the fact that you, the business owner, know
how important implementing this change initiative is to
the future of your company.
So, it’s no surprise that the real issue, is communication.
It’s both what you’re communicating and how you are
communicating it.
Chances are you are trying to sell the benefits of the change.
That makes sense, right? That’s what everyone wants to know,
isn’t it?
NO. That’s not.
As a matter of fact your employees don’t care about the
And, I don’t mean just the benefits to the company.
They don’t even care about the benefits to them.
They’re not listening.
They’re tuning out to your proclamations about all the great
benefits they’ll receive from implementing this change.
Why are they tuning out?
Because you’re not speaking to the frequency your employees
are tuned into in times of change.
Even the smallest change like just using a different software
program on their computer.
You’ve probably been taught to speak to the WII-FM.
You know, “what’s in it for me?” from the employees’ perspective.
Yet, this is ALL wrong!
People won’t listen to the WII-FM until you speak at some other
frequency they need to hear first.
You see, there is another “radio frequency” people are tuned to
when it comes to change initiatives.
If you want your employees to embrace change and actually help
you initiate the change you need to speak to the WIM-FM.
WIM-FM is an acronym representing “What’s It Mean – For Me.”
You see employees don’t care about any benefits, no matter how
great they may be, until they understand “what it means for them.”
If the effort is too hard, or the change is too complicated, or it’s
going to turn their world upside down, the benefits DO NOT matter.
Before you ever try to sell the benefits, the WII-FM, you MUST
assess what the change will mean for each employee and customize
your communication so that each and every employee understands
what it means for them.
You also need to let them know you’ve thought about what it means
for them and how you are going to mitigate and minimize the difficulty
they will experience during the implementation.
Until employees understand what the change means for them, and
that you’ve thought compassionately and empathetically about it from
their perspective, they will continue to resist your change initiative.
That’s true no matter how large or how small a change.
Remember, speak to the radio station WIM-FM
“What Does it Mean – For Me” from the employees perspective.
And you’ll get employees to listen to you, and buy-into what you’re
asking of them in times of change.

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More to come next week, stay tuned.

‘til then, Communicate With Power!




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