Communicating to Get People to Listen, Pt. 1

When you speak have you ever felt as if people aren’t listening to you?

Attention spans are getting shorter and shorter, aren’t they?

Yours, and others.

That’s why it is imperative to master the art of communicating.

There are two skills on which you can focus to develop your Communication Power as a Leader:

  • Mastering the art of commanding attention, and
  • Mastering the art of demanding attention

Whenever I mention this in my workshops, seminars and keynotes audience members gasp when they hear me tell them they need to demand people’s attention.

More on that next time.

Let’s first focus on commanding attention.

Commanding attention is speaking so people want to listen.

As the communicator it is your responsibility.

By this I mean speaking:

  • Succinctly and directly to the point without a backstory (unless asked for)
  • To what is most important to the person with whom you are communicating (if you don’t know, find out first)
  • To the individual’s WII-FM, their “What’s In It For Me,” which might include these four “EDGE” categories:
    • Esteem More – speaking to an individual’s need for significance and importance
    • Do More – finding more time to get more things done, either personally or professionally
    • Gain More – achieving successful levels in a career position, financial growth or improved relationships, etc.
    • Enjoy More – creating more happiness and enjoyment in life and business, reducing stress, etc.

Communicating with power means being more conscious when you speak, which includes investing some time on the front end of your effort to craft your language taking into account the above techniques.

In a couple of days, I’ll address the “demanding” side of communicating.

And, in a couple of weeks you’ll have an opportunity to experience a free, 4-part video training series on leadership communication.

Leave a comment below to share your experiences with having people listening with focused attention or not, with distractions.

’til next time Communicate With Power!

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