Communication a Problem in Your Organization? Here’s the first step in fixing it

Go into almost any business or not-for-profit organization in the world and I guarantee the topic of communication will be identified as something in need of improvement.

For as long as I’ve been doing this work, it has always been there. It never ceases to amaze me at how almost automatic it is.

In most of those organizations significant discussions are invested in the issue on the surface, yet little progress is made, becoming a point of continual frustration.

There is one answer to curing this challenge. It’s a simple answer but one few organizational leaders use.

The answer is to clearly answer the question “How, specifically, is communication a problem around here?”

That question seems like a no brainer but I’ve found frew organizational leaders ask it frequently enough. Answering it, though, will allow your team to define it in a way that will allow you to begin chipping away at solutions.

In 2011 I’m going to be on a mission to help organization leaders raise the bar on their communication challenges.

To do that I’d like to get some help from you.

Please e-mail me at the #1 communication issue your organization experiences on regular basis that frustrates you the most. I’m going to compile them and provide answers to all those that submit and use them in future blog posts and writings.

Although there are a number ways to define “communication” as a problem, I’ve identified 7 interpersonal killer communication mistakes organizational leaders make. Many of you subscribed to this blog have already downloaded that free report, but many of you haven’t, so I’m offering here again in case you’d like to grab it at

Thanks, so much. ’til next time make it a great week!