Conscious Communicator Power Word #57 – EMPATHY (

This week’s Power Word is the most misunderstood in leadership communication, EMPATHY!

 In the spring participants in my Communicate to Influence Up, Down & All Around virtual training course spent much of the group coaching sessions discussing and practicing EMPATHY.

After applying true EMPATHY in their communication they reported their ability to influence others and build more trusting relationships skyrocketed.

They also agreed, that due to past misperceptions, they had been applying EMPATHY incorrectly.

For purposes of leadership communication EMPATHY “is displaying an understanding of what another person is feeling and the reason for it, with absolutely no judgment.”

EMPATHY is always easier to describe than display. I suggest practicing communicating exactly as described inside the quotes in the paragraph above.

’til next time,  give it a try and let me know how it goes!

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