Conscious Communicator Power Word #59 – CLARITY (

This week’s 1st Power Word is vital for effective communication, yet isn’t always provided, CLARITY!

CLARITY is always missing because someone has committed the communication sin of a Lack of Specificity.  The concepts of specificity and CLARITY are closely tied together.

If we don’t have the CLARITY we need, we need to be in an environment and a relationship where we can respectfully and directly ask for more specificity to get it.

Too many people leave a conversation knowing the CLARITY isn’t at the level it needs to be, but they don’t ask for more specificity.

We need to develop the habit of speaking up to ask for what we need when we know CLARITY is lacking.

’til next time,  give it a try and let me know how it goes!

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4 thoughts on “Conscious Communicator Power Word #59 – CLARITY (

  1. Bibi says:

    Skip, you are so right. Infact I was visiting a family member last week in NY and it’s interesting when “clarity” is not there, the communication just falls apart. The person assumes what was said and then turns it upside down and make the situation worst. Trying to clarify what was said and why things were done creates so much confusion and frustration. Your email counldn’t have come at a better time, unfortunately, I cannot share it with the person.

  2. Skip Weisman, Workplace Communication Expert says:

    Thank you for stopping by and being inspired to leave a comment regarding your situation. I’m pleased you found value in my post today and that it resonated with a recent situation in your life. Rarely it happens that people are maliciously unclear, they do it for a purpose to cause confusion and feel in control. It is a very dysfunctional way to communicate and its best not to try to change it. Just move away from it.

    Thanks, again, and please come back again.

  3. Mario Granados says:


    Clarity is not an eassy issue. First we have to understand that our mental context is always diferent that the receiver’s one. My receiver can think he has understood, and do not ask for clarification. What I do, is to imagine other possible interpretations of what I said, and clarifie even if not asked. Another strategy is to explain my idea and then talk about what I didn’t mean. My conclision is between humans perfect communication does not exist. Situation is worst if there are cultural and background diferences. Is our responsability as PM and as human understand this imperfection and do the effort for a better job communicating.

  4. Skip Weisman, Workplace Communication Expert says:

    You are soooo right! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and strategy.
    You bring up a point that I always make in my trainings and that is the responsibility for the message being received as it was meant to be received is on the communicator. Too many blame the other person.

    You have articulated it perfectly that we must take responsibility for ensuring the meaning of our message is understand as we intend.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and adding value to this blog. Please come back again!

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