Conscious Communicator Power Word #60CANDID

This week’s 2nd Power Word is the type of communication a leader must master to be most effective…CANDID!

In my communication seminars and keynotes audiences continue to remind me that CANDID communication, or the lack of it, is one of the biggest issues in their work environment.

Leaders must master the art of CANDID communication and balance it with another of our leadership Power Words, compassion (Power Word #42).

CANDID communication is the skill of saying what needs to be said, and that is in the best interests of the individual and the organization, plus doing it at the first most appropriate time.

Great leaders master the balance, or what I call the leaders’ communication triad of prompt, direct and respectful.

How good are you at CANDID communication? How good are your organization’s leaders at CANDID communication?

’til next time, leave a comment below and make it a great holiday weekend (in the U.S.)!

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